• We trust people, the team around us and also belive that people can make a huge difference.

    Human beings can dream, innovate, conceptualize business ideas, make good products, bring value to services, create demand in market, attract and retain customers, etc.

    We know you can bring, out of the box thoughts, high energy and aspirations, and at the same time, very high expectations from the work.

    So at BUYBAA, unlike many other companies, you may not find a heavy pay packet, worker – supervisor hierarchy, annual performance review, long term contracts and many things you hate in your current organization. However you will certainly find an excellent place to work, learn new competencies, build a career, enjoy every day’s work and stay happy forever.

  • At present we are in the process of setting up basic infrastructure and kick start operations. Immediately, we do not have any definite employment opportunities with us.

    • Do mail us your current resume
    • Share as much as detailing on why you are interested in working with us
    • Express in detail, why should we hire you