100 individual problems and you may add up more

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I am on a credit risk
Unable to control credit card spending
Unable to find a home loan
Buying a lot of useless stuff online
Unable to stop picking unnecessary stuff during shopping
Getting calls from unknown numbers
Getting stressed when there is no internet
No Wifi signal
Unable to get cellphone signal
Door to door sales people are troubling
Daily news paper is missing
Water supply is not proper
Power failure intermittent
Metro train in not turning up in time
Too lazy to wake up and go to office
I am a chain smoker and unable to stop
Unable to find a higher education opportunity
Spending a lot of time on whatsapp
Spending a lot of time on facebook
Not getting enough exercise.
Playing video games until I literally can’t see
Bringing the wrong people into my life
Unable to speak up.
Considering life as happy go lucky and very careless
Not spending time with my family
Not spending enough time outdoors
Eating too much junk food
EMIs are eating all my salary
Spending too much to buy clothes
Always fighting with wife
Always fighting with husband
Not able to work properly
Poor time management in office
Not able to sleep properly
Getting negative energy always
Kids are spending so much time on TV and Mobile
Struggling to find money to look after family
Unable to start my own business
Unable to find a general physician
Unable to find a good pediatrician
Spending too much money on cosmetics
People are not listening to me
I am bored up at work
Spending too much time on internet
Unable to find time in buying grocery
Struggling to find a Plumber
Struggling to find an Electrician
Struggling to find a Painter
Struggling to find a Carpenter
Pest Control at home
Find a good Laundry
Find a Home Cleaning agency
Finding a good packer and mover
Finding a dentist whom I can rely on
To find organic grocery
To find organic vegetables
To find organic milk
To find cage free eggs and chicken
To find chemical free fish
Struggling to buy pure drinking water
Stinking drainage lines
Finding the area as very polluted and bad air quality
Not getting a good raise in salary
Internet speed is very bad
Garbage dumping on public road and near my home
Stray dogs are not controlled
I am not clearing the Driving License test
I am exhausted with daily commuting
Unable to find happiness even though I am rich
Unable to sit idle and tend to do something always
I am not able to read any book completely
Not finding any job
Not finding my dream job
Very careless and making a hell lot of mistakes
Dust allergy is making life miserable
Unable to make any friends
Unable to find a life partner/soul mate
I am at the verge of a divorce
Not able to find a good counselor
Failing to work in any team
Not finding time to clean up the home
My kids are complaining that I stay rarely at home
Unable to control weight gain
Jealous when I see any guy wealthier than me
Unable to establish a rapport with my boss
I am not satisfied with the salary that I earn
Getting tensed up whenever miss weekend shopping
Too health conscious and spending so much on labs
Spending money on gambling, lottery and feeling guilty later
Unable to stick to timelines, office and home
Unable to find a home on rent
Unable to find a tenant for my apartment
Unable to find a good school for my kids
Not finding good tutors for my kids
Worried about aged parents who stay alone at home
How to organise grocery for parents who stay alone
How to ensure better security provisions for home
Feeling sad about a failed relationship
Unable to find a suitable groom for my daughter
Unable to find a suitable bride for my son

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