HR SUGGEST Ready to use HR Policies & Formats

    • Human behavior is highly dynamic, and people play the most critical role in any organisation. Expressed policies help them experience consistency as far as practices are concerned and while dealing with colleagues and management.
    • Standard and clear policies help employees understand the job constraints without adopting trial and error methods.
    • Written down policies help team to understand individual as well as team responsibilities, track and fix deviations from standard practices in no time, and boost the morale.
    • Help managers to focus on core business than micromanaging people practices.
    • Improves visibility of the organisation – a feel-good factor for employees, customers, potential employees, and management.
    • HR SUGGEST, ready to use policies and formats is FIRST of its kind in India and made to solve one common problem of millions of CEOs.
    • Designed with the knowledge, experience, and insights gained through more than fifteen years of experience in HR domain and collaboration with 400+ micro, small, medium, and large customer stakeholders.
    • It is pretty simple to buy, customise, and roll out within a few weeks time.
    • Affordable. Offered at a very reasonable price.

Roll out HR Policies and Forms in a few weeks !!

We have organised policies, forms and letters across plans and you may choose a pack, based on your requirements.