• Sending resumes to many jobs but response is poor
  • Poor visibility in professional networks
  • Low morale

Almost hopeless

No clue on what to do ? We are here to help you

    1. Expert evaluation of your resume.
    2. A review report with feedback and recommendation for your resume enhancement.
    3. RESelf – A ready to use resume template with structure, style, segments, and fonts. What you have to do is just fill it with content, save, and send across employers/recruiters.
    4. A copy of the Ebook 21 tips to make the right resume.
    5. A copy of the Ebook 21 tips to make an impact in any interview.
    1.  You shall submit your current resume and contact particulars
    2. Buybaa Solutions shall establish contact with you either through mail or phone
    3. Buybaa Solutions shall assign the resume to a specialist and also request you to make the payment via Bank Transfer or Paytm.
    4. The expert review and report shall be ready in 3 hours.
    5. The document set shall be ready with Buybaa Solutions in 4-5 hours
    6. Buybaa Solutions shall mail the package to  customer once the payment is confirmed
    1. The fulfillment of service shall take maximum, one working day.
    2. The service charge mentioned, Rs.499 is inclusive of GST.
    3. Customer receives Invoice with terms once the payment is made.
    4. The service charges paid are not refundable.
    5. The terms and conditions of the website is applicable.

Why should I stay clueless ?

Wish to see the gaps in your profile and possible ways to enhance it, submit your resume for an EXPERT REVIEW and RESelf