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Five years back, while searching to buy something online for my kid, I have realised how painful it is to find relevant and accurate information, online (certainly, Quickly !). One can see information after rigorous googling over a couple of days, a week, maybe two weeks.

From a business stakeholder perspective, I have experienced/observed numerous difficulties while finding business solutions like a quick fix for a business problem, the best process re-engineering model, the right process automation tool, design a job to fix a complex business problem, etc.

Another area where I got stuck was relevant answers for many of my queries. Search engines were unable to grab relevant information for many day-to-day questions, like How do I grow organic mangoes, How do I find a good school for Kindergarten, How to buy policies and manuals online, How do I find a reliable accounting consultant, Shall I grow rice on the terrace, etc.

This is what made us to think about a platform for all kind of information based solutions, primarily for individuals and small businesses.

We believe that there is a working solution to every human problem.

Every business transaction is a sale and we are here to assist buyers. BUY Best Anytime Anywhere is something which every business and individual love to do.