• I don’t have a good resume
  • I am losing many interviews
  • Want a quick solution

Almost hopeless

No workable solution ? We are here to help you

    1. Expert evaluation report of your resume (feedback and recommendation) for resume enhancement.
    2. Enhanced resume with suitable structure, content, alignment, objectives, and keywords.
    3. One round of review and minor modifications, post review.
    4. A copy of enhanced resume in word and pdf.
    5. One hour of telephonic discussion.
    1. Please share your requirement to solutions@buybaa.com.
    2. Service charge will be arrived upon review and estimation.
    3. Pay service charge via Bank Transfer. 
    4. Buybaa Support shall make a call and collect your current resume.
    5. The expert review and report will be ready in 3 hours.
    6. Buybaa Solutions shall move to the next step, once the payment is confirmed.
    7. The specialist shall prepare a data sheet and share the same for clarifications and sign off from the customer, within one working day.
    8. The completed data sheet is critical for the completion of the project. Once the datasheet is signed off by the customer, Buybaa Solutions shall start the resume writing activity
    9. The first draft of the resume will be shipped to the customer on the second working day
    10. The customer shall review and share feedback for improvement or corrections within 3 hours.
    11. The final resume shall be ready in 2 hours, and Buybaa Solutions shall mail the package to the customer on the same day itself.
    1. The fulfillment of service shall take maximum, two working days.
    2. The service charge would be based on review and estimate and shall be inclusive of GST.
    3. Customer receives Invoice with terms once the payment is realised.
    4. The service charges paid are not refundable.
    5. The terms of service and terms of sale are applicable and we recommend to read all before committing the order

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