Find your Dream job in 21 days

  • There are millions of JOBS around you. According to the No.1 Job Portal in India, more than 5,00,00 jobs are still vacant across India. So you are not in a worst situation, isn’t it.  However, every day, you are worrying about your future

    My work is very boring
    I am feeling so sad
    Too tired
    Getting all the wrong calls

    If this is the situation, we do understand your agony. The problem is not the number of jobs or companies or your profile.  The real problem is – you are not prepared, focused and serious in your job search.

  • Look at the big picture

    The First Advantage is that you belong to a developing country. Irrespective of economic stability and foreign investment, our country shall grow more than 5 % (whereas countries like US, UK, Germany grow less than 2%) every year.

    As we are still growing, the Indian market is the biggest attraction of companies across the world. Our home grown companies are also finding unexplored areas in India.  So abundant job opportunities are here to stay.

  • Yes, there is a perfect fix for this and we are here to help you !!


    • Stay focused for 21 days
    • Willing to do a self analysis
    • Ability to define the dream job
    • Willing to stick to a search plan
    • Re-look at the resume and make it firm
    • Ready to put some effort to practice for interview
    • Patience to keep track of the progress

    Infrastructure Required

    • PC/Laptop with speaker/headphone and mike
    • Browser Firefox/Chrome
    • Internet Connectivity

    Effort Involved

    • Free Intro Webinar (FREE) : 15 minutes
    • Online Evaluation : 30 minutes
    • Familiarization / Discussion : 1 hour
    • Coaching Webinars : 3 sessions of 1 hour
    • Follow up Webinars : 4 sessions of 30 minutes
    • Interview Practice Webinars : 3 sessions of 30 minutes
    • Followup/Discussion : 30 minutes


    1. Eight hours of knowledge service, contains webinars, calls, mock interviews, and Q&A
    2. Free Resume Template
    3. Two eBooks
    4. Search Plan
    5. Progress Tracker

Yes, I wanted to hear soon "You are hired"

If you are keen on pursuing this career guidance cum skills enhancement programme, mail your resume with a brief about your problems and requirements to